Woodland Voices is a fun singing group (or informal choir) for all abilities. There is no reading music, no homework, no auditions and we don’t work towards a concert (although casual appearances, flashmobs and busking are possibilities!).

We rehearse in a beautiful purpose-built yoga centre known as Bridge Cottage Woodland Retreat, a little-known haven of tranquility just 3 miles north of Cardiff city centre.

“Bridge Cottage is an oasis of calm within a busy north Cardiff suburb. Recently described as “like entering Narnia”, the view looking out from the entrance is of a busy street bustling with residential and business activity.  But on the inside is half an acre of listed woodland that can leave visitors feeling that they have stepped into another world!”

If you feel like trying a bit of singing just come along – it really does not matter what you think of your voice, or what anyone else thinks of your voice!

You will be amazed to learn that many of our singers thought they could not sing, or were told as a child they could not sing, sometimes by a music teacher! You will soon learn that this is utter rubbish – every single person that comes to our group manages to sing in harmony with the others. There has never been an exception to this, although we occasionally find people need a little bit of help pitching – when they know the song well and are in their comfortable voice range, pitching is almost never a problem.

We sing ‘a Cappella’ – that means without any accompaniment – the songs are taught in three or four harmony parts so the rich sound is made entirely by voices!

Sessions start with a brief warm-up and an easy song, often a round, which we learn quickly to get singing in harmony straight away. Then we usually learn a new song, and sing one or two we’ve done before.

People come along mainly to have a good time and enjoy using their voice – people always say how good it makes them feel! There is no commitment – you are welcome to join us on a drop-in basis.

Just bring a bottle of water and a sense of humour!

Cost £6 per week drop-in, discount if paying termly.

Led by Natural Voice leader Sue Ellar

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